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Overview :

Driving right through the wildlife park is an opportunity not given to many, and once you make your way on the path rolling across the hills and dales through patches of forest - right up to The Serai's gates, you enter a world apart. The Serai lives up to its image of luxuriant sophistication - every tiny comfort of yours taken care of. The Serai has been built seamlessly into the forests around. Over 100 different species of trees have been planted across the property - both flowering and fruit trees.Flame of the forest, amalaki, singapore cherry, bamboo, sandalwood, mango, guava, papaya, bougainvillea - to keep the land as natural as possible. The walkways too are unique - with leaves and ferns permanently imprinted in the concrete. Across the property, little thatched cottages arise - spread out over wide spaces - and at sundown, a bonfire crackles in the centre, calling all our guests to come and share their stories of the day. Complete quiet, a star - spangled sky, breeze through the wild grass and bamboo thickets, the smell of night flowers, the blue hills towering around, the calls of peacock and the occasional visit of a cluster of spotted deer - this is the life that awaits.

Our resorts encourage you to explore the great outdoors, especially when we're bordering one of the greatest national park in the country. We also provide you with the means to do so better - with binoculars, perhaps if you're lucky - a telescope to star-gaze, many books on the flora and fauna around - and one of the best nature guides. The pool, the library and the gift shop await your return.

A vast crystal-clear blue stretch of water - which goes on almost forever - that is the pool at The Serai. Discretely tucked into the corner of our property - to make sure that you get the privacy you want while you do your laps or sunbathe -with only the trees around to applaud you. And a swim in the middle of the wild is what makes for the memory of a lifetime.

The majestic view from our property is not wasted. Not even at mealtimes. Both our restaurant and bar have been built on higher levels, so that one can wine and dine, with the stunning blue mountains towering around.

You have a choice from among 18 Mountain View Courtyard, 4 Mountain View Log Hut and 2 The Residence. All this sprawled across 19 acres of land with trees growing abundantly, and leaf-imprinted pathways in between. The other half of our land is fenced off for your neighbours of the wild. The finest of fittings along with spotless interiors, international standards of workmanship - all balance alongside local art work - like the stone rubble work on the walls - and the endearing thatched roofs